My ggg-grandparents; Jane Turner, born abt., 1760. Was married to Reuben Robbins on 29 Apr 1782 in Wilkes Cty., NC.

Below is listed the historical lineage of grandma Turner. I believe I have found her immigrant ancestor; in the person of Thomas Turner, born abt. 1662 - 1664 [?], Ireland. If anyone has any additional information or corrections, I am always open for corrections; so please contact me.
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Robert Turner, born abt., 1590 in Turnerstowne, Northumberland, England. Married to Deborah [unk], born [unk], died [unk].

Child of Robert and Deborah: [?]

Thomas Turner, born abt. 1618, in of Turnerstowne, Nortumberland, England. Married abt. 1652 to Ann Greer, born abt. 1633.

Notes on Ann Greer: daughter of James and Mary Greer "of the Rock near Annick, Cumberland."

Notes on Thomas and Ann: In early April, 1658, they moved to Ireland.  In 1664, he paid a hearth tax in Shankill and Seagoe Parishes, County Armaugh. Thomas and his sons John, Thomas, and Jacob were contributors to the building of the Lurgan Meeting House in 1697.

Children of Thomas and Ann:

Deborah Turner, born abt. 18 Feb 1653/4, died [unk].

Robert Turner, born abt. 18 Feb 1655/6, died [unk].

Mabell Turner, born abt. April, 1657, in England, died [unk].

John Turner, born abt. 1 Apr 1660, in Magherlin, County Down, Ireland, died [unk].

Thomas Turner, born abt. 25 Aug 1662 - 1664 [?], in Drumnescally, Seagoe Parish, Armagh, Ireland.

County Armagh

One of the six Counties that make up Northern Ireland.


James Turner, born May 1664, in Drumnescally, Armagh, Ireland.

Jacob Turner, born 26 May, 1665, in Drumnescally, Armagh, Ireland.

Bethia Turner, born 20 Mar, 1667/8, in Tearsoge, Shankill Parish, Armagh, Ireland.

Mary Turner, born 1 May, 1669, in Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland.

Nathanniell Turner, born 18 Feb, 1673/4, in Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland.


It is more than possible that The below listed, Thomas Turner is our immigrant ancestor. I however, have noted many variables in dates and places for all persons prior to Roger Turner, Sr., my ggggg-grandfather.

Thomas Turner, born 1662-1664 [?], Dublin, Cty., Downs, Ireland. Died in 1744, in Frederick, VA.. He was wed to Susannah Anthony, abt. 1685, she was born in Ireland, died abt. 1745 in Frederick Co., Virginia .

NOTES on Thomas: He was a friend of William Penn, he emigrated to Philadelphia PA, Most os his heirs moved from Pennsalvania to Virginia to North carolina and finally settled in Breathitt County KY. Looking for additional info and the father of Thomas, who may also be named Thomas and may be from Nothumbria. Notes on Thomas Turner (1662-1744) married Susanna Anthony.  Quakers were leaders in the linen industry in Lurgan, Ireland.  According to A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Quakers, by Richard Harrison, 1997, "He spent most of his life around Lurgan and for much of that time was employed as an 'itinerant hemp and flax man' by the 'Board of Trustees of the Linen and Hempen Manufacturers of Ireland' set up in 1711.  He was a constant innovator in the improvement of flax production and 'devised a scrutch mill, reproduced foreign methods of weaving and contrived improved bleaching techniques.'  In 1715 he published the pamphlet New Methods of Improving Flax and Flax Seed and bleaching cloth.  The Linen Board paid him to visit and instruct bleachers from Antrim to Cootehill and Monaghan.  In 1721 and again in 1729 he was sent to study Dutch, Flemish, and French practice in linen production.  In 1728 he had received an award for devising a new bleaching method."

   Thomas, at age 68, apparently followed his grown sons to America, but information on them is lacking.  And there is some evidence that Thomas Turner was in America as early as 1688, when his name appears as witness to a marriage in New Castle, PA (now Delaware).  And in 1699,William Penn referred to him as having arrived in the colony "some tyme since."   However it happened, Thomas Turner arrived in Shepherdstown, in present day Jefferson County, West Virginia, about 1730/31, when it was still Orange County, Virginia, and he established a business account with Simon Miller.  He also owned a house in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, which he rented out 10 Apr 1734.  Thomas' business, in addition to general merchandise, appears to have been loaning of money for various enterprises.  Repayment was rarely on time, so he spent a lot of time in court trying to settle.  Each court appearance meant a 110-mile trip to the courthouse in Orange, and frequently the sheriff had been unable to locate the debtor, so the case had to be continued.  This included a suit against the property of his son John Turner, which was joined by his son Anthony and two other members of the community.  Thomas' will was proved 8 June 1744.

Children of Thomas and Susannah Anthony:

Robert Turner, born 1683, died 1763, in Orange Cty., VA.

Notes for Robert:which was formed from Spotsylvania County in January 1734, Robert Turner was sworn to serve as attorney before the court for Orange Cty.

Ann Turner, born 1685, died [unk], married to a Sullen or Sutten [?].

Anthony Turner, born 1687, died bef. 1740. Married [unk].

Child of Anthony Turner and [unk[: Anthony Turner, born 1705, died 1762, married: Mary Chapline. They moved to Berkeley Co, Virginia in 1740.

Roger Turner, born 1689, died 1778, married Elizabeth [unk], moved to North Carolina.

John Turner, born 1691, died 1763. 1st marrieage: 1716, Sarah Williams; 2nd marriage: 1734, Elizabeth [unk].

Sarah Turner, born 1693, died [unk], married a [unk] Pickren.

Notes on John Turner: (1691-1764) m.1716 Sarah Williams; m.1734 Elizabeth [unk].  John Turner was a general merchant like his father, and lived on Goose Creek, in what is now Berkeley Co, West Virginia, probably from the time his father moved there about 1730, until after 1747, when he paid in lieu of currency, 70 pounds of tobacco for taxes. 

By the time rumblings of the French and Indian War started in 1753, and the Indian attacks began in 1754, John had moved to Halifax County in Southern Virginia, and his will was filed there. 

His will, dated 1 Nov 1762, and probated 21 Jun 1764, mentions his "land at Pertomuck on Goos Crick," and five other parcels of land along Smith River in Halifax County, now at the junction of Patrick, Franklin, and Henry Counties, that he purchased starting in 1746, when it was Lunenburg County.  His will mentions, but does not name "my six children by my first wife.".  [William, Thomas, and John Williams were also contributors to the building of the Lurgan Meeting House in 1697, relation to Sarah unknown.]

Children of John Turner and Sarah Williams: Possibly some of these may be by second wife; Elizabeth [unk]:

Nathan Turner, born 1717, died [unk].

Henry Turner, born 1720, died [unk].

Frances Turner, born 1723, died [unk].

Joseph Turner, born 1726, died [unk].

William Turner, born 1729, died [unk].

James Turner, born 1730, died 22 Jul, 1773, married: Karenhappuch Norman, born [unk], died 1781, in Halifax Co, VA.

Robert Turner, born 1733, died [unk] [?] Not sure what this individuals status is.

Elizabeth Turner, born 1737, died 1800, married: David Chadwell, in Lee Cty., VA.

Mary Turner, born 1739, died 1839, at Clover Fork, Harland Cty., KY.

Jemima Turner, born 1741, died 1830, in Lee Cty., VA.

Josefy Turner, born 1743, died [unk]. Unk status of the two listed below.

John Turner, born 1745, died 1811, married: Ruth 1815 [?], died 1825, Claiborne Cty., TN.

Israel Turner, born 1747 [?], died 1777.