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226..17 Nov 1838, James L. Senter to Richard and Alfred Swafford; title Bond; witness F.W. and R.W. Earnest prove before John H. Robeson (Robertson) Clerk of Bradley Co. by his deputy Euclid Waterhouse.

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251..20 Sep 1842, Copy of Chancery Court Decree at Madisonville: RICHARD and ALFRED SWAFFORD VS ELIZABETH SENTER Gdn. of PRESTON and JAMES B. SENTER, and WILL BATES, Adm of JAMES S. SENTER, dec’d.

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554..2 Mar 1848, THOMAS SWAFFORD SR of Bledsoe Co. to daughter MALINDA SWAFFORD; for love; Bill of Sale for slave; witnessed by SAMUEL and ISAAC E. SWAFFORD.


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613..3 Nov 1846, ELIZABETH MEIGS to ALFRED SWAFFORD; 4 Apr 1854, handwriting of witness M. C. HAWK, who has died, was proven.

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249..23 Aug 1855, Chancery Court Decree; Ex parte, Theodore H. McCullie and Mary Dixon, Execs. of William T. McCullie dec’d, and John Dixon, and William P., Henry A., James J., Mary E., Alice H., and John H. McCullie, all heirs of William T. McCullie dec’d by their regular Gdn. Alfred Swafford; land sold to Adolphus P. McClatchy.

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374..23 Oct.1865, Alfred Swafford to Larkin F., John L.M. and Alfred A .Swafford.

390..27 Sept. 1864, Alfred Swafford to William C. ,Nancy P., and Joel C. Cole, heirs of Elizabeth Cole; for love; said Elizabeth Cole to have use of land for purpose of raising and schooling said children until they become of age.

131..8 Aug. 1855, John J. Smith of Walker Co. Ga. And Martha A.Smith and husband John B. Smith of Whitfield Co. Ga. To Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co Ga.; the undivided 2/3 part in land after the death of N.D.Smith who has a life estate in same; land laid off to Jackson Smith

NOTE Richard WILSON was my g-grandmother Effie Neoma WILSON's father, she was married to Larkin Franklin SWAFFORD

233..29 Dec 1869, Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Lourse__y Swaffer; land and personal property for which said daughter and John Westley Swaffer agree to care for Thomas and Henrietta Gibson during their lifetime.

NOTE After the Civil War almost the entire family changed the spelling of the family surname.

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285..20 Jul 1868, Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Louiza Swafferd; for love; land adjoining the land that he gave to his daughter Mahala Jane Jones.

431..2 Apr 1870, Ezekiel Swaffor to Drucilla Swafford.

22..20 Aug 1866, Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co., Ga. to Lawrence Swaffor; land laid off to Jackson Smith, from and after the death of N.D. Smith, and the lifetime estate of heirs of said N.D, Smith, viz, John J. Smith, and Martha A. Smith and her husband John B. Smith, which was conveyed to him.

269..28 Nov 1872, Richard Swaffor to Malinda Swaffor; Deed of Gift of all his title to land.

297..3 Aug 1877, John Swaffer Sr. and wife Elizabeth to daughter -in-law Martha C. Swaffer wife of Lawrence.

573..3 Jan 1878, John Swaffer and wife Elizabeth, John Dixon and wife Lucinda, Wiatt Sliger and wife Manerva, George W. Burris and wife Amanda to Archibald Hampton; their right to land where Wiatt Sliger now lives.

281..20 Aug 1879, Portman Swaffer and wife Irenia A. to Ezekiel Swaffer.