Clan Suibhne [Mac Suibhne] - Sweeney or Mac Sweeney [Sweeny]

Crest of the Clan Suibhne [Mac Sweeney, Sweeney, Sweeny]

Shield of the Clan Suibhne (Mac Suibhne)[Mac Sweeney, Sweeney, Sweeny/Swinney]

Members of Clan Donald USA

Historical note; research has revealed that the Sweeney's or Mac Sweeney [Sweeny] whose origins lay in the ancient Celtic anitem migrations to the Argyll of Scotland, originally spelled their name Mac Suibhne of the Clan Mac Suibhne under the Chief of Argyle. They went back to Ireland in about 1588 to support their ancient Irish kin [Celts] [for additional information click on the Clan Sweeney Web Page link below].

Castles of the Clan Suibhne [Mac Sweeney](Sweeny)

Castle Sween [Mac Suibhne] in Argyll, Scotland [oldest stone built castle in Scotland [12th century]

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Clan Sweeney castles in Ireland

Rahan Castle in Banagh, Ireland
Not pictured


Doe Castle Site of 2005 Clan Rallye



Moross Castle in Fanad


Dungloe Castle, first Clan settlement in Ireland about 1588
Not pictured

The Clan was split between Ireland and Scotland for over two hundred years.
For more details of the family castles and history from the ole' sod!.

Sweeney Clan Web Page

John 5th Duke of Argyll, 1793

Raising the Argyll and Sutherland Regiment below Stirling Castle in 1794
The West coast lands of the Duke of Argyll

The highland dress of the Argyll

Rev. [Black] Jimmie Lee Robins, [Father's - Clan Gunn], [Mother's - Clan Suibhne; primary Clan is Clan Donald USA - McDonald of the Isles]

SWEENY [Clan Suibhne] of North America

Our Immigrant Ancestors


Moses' father is John SWEENEY, Born in Ireland [maternal gggggg-grandfather]

As I post this, remember until I post that I have verified all information DO NOT take it for fact. Please consider that there are more variations [SWEENEY/SWEENY/SWINEY/SWINNEY/Mac SWEENEY] of the spelling of the original Mac Suibhne spelling.

Moses SWEENEY, born 1713 in Ireland, died 1785 in Pittsylvania Cty., VA
Spouse: Anne SEYMOUR, born 1715 in Ireland, died aft. 20 Jun 1785 in Monroe Cty., VA
Married in: 1748 Halifax Cty., VA. [maternal ggggg-grandparents]

More About Moses Sweeney: Will: Jun 20, 1785

Children of Moses SWEENEY and Anne SEYMOUR

John SWEENEY, born 1733

Joseph SWEENEY, born abt. 1744 in of Pittsylvania Co, VA, and died abt 1785. He married Nancy Maples [his niece by his sister Ruthea]on Aug 09, 1784 in Pittsylvania Co, VA, daughter of Josiah Maples and Ruthea Sweeney [Joseph's sister].

Ruthea SWEENEY, born abt. 1749, in Halifax Cty., VA., died aft. 1830 McMinn Cty., TN. She married Josiah Maples on 1765 in Halifax Co. VA, son of William Maples and Prudence Comstock.

Rev. James Seymour SWEENEY, born 1750 in County Cork, Ireland, and died Aug 28, 1836 in Monroe Co, VA

Moses SWEENEY, Jr., born abt. 1756, died aft. 1832.

Moses SWEENEY, Jr.

Moses SWEENEY, Jr., born: 11 AUG 1756 in Albemarle Co, Virginia. Died: 7 FEB 1833 in Buckingham Co, Virginia.
Married to: 1st Marriage: mary, 2nd Marriage: Martha , born 1760.

Moses SWEENEY Jr. Records [Military Record & Last Will and Testiment]

Children of Mose Sweeney, Jr. and Mary [maternal gggg-grandparents]

John SWEENEY, born ABT. 1780 in Virginia

Charles A. SWEENEY born 3 JAN 1789 in Buckingham Co, Virginia

Elizabeth SWEENEY born ABT. 1797 in Virginia

Edmund SWEENEY born BEF. 1800 in Virginia

Daniel SWEENEY born BET. 1823 - 1826 in Virginia

Sallie SWEENEY born [?]

Lucinda "Lucy" SWEENEY born 9 Sep, 1788 in Virginia


Married to: 2nd Marriage: Martha G. BURRUSS, born abt. 1788 in Bedford County, Virginia
Married: 4 Sep, 1826 in Bedford County, Virginia

Children of Mose Sweeney, Jr. and Martha G. BURRUSS

Joseph B. SWEENEY born ABT. 1828 in Virginia

John SWEENEY born abt. 1780 in Virginia, died abt. 1858
Spouse: Tabitha Virginia BAUGH, born abt. 1784 in Virginia
Married at: Prince Edward County, Virginia in 3 Oct, 1866, Minister: J.C. HAMMER

Charles A. SWEENEY, 3 Jan, 1789 in Buckingham County, Virigina, died 9 Apr, 1850 in Prince Edward County, Virginia

Lucinda "Lucy" SWEENY/SWEENEY, born on 9 Sep, 1788 in Virginia, died on 4 Mar, 1857 in McMinn Cty., Tennessee.

NOTES: Lucy was mentioned in her father's will under her married name [Lucy All/Ahl].

Spouse:Rev. Benjamin AHL, born on 15 Mar, 1786 in Virginia, died on 26 Jun, 1866 in McMinn Cty., Tennessee. [maternal ggg-grandparents]

NOTES: Oct 1850 census McMinn Cty., [eastern] Tennessee, Sub-division 23, Family list #1289, listed as Ben ALLS, age 64, wife Lucy age 62.

Children of Benjamin AHL and Lucy SWEENY

Daniel William AHL, born 1809
Spouse: Emaline WILSON, married 1843

John R. AHL, born ca. 1810
Spouse: Mary (?)

Nancy AHL, born 1813, in McMinn Cty., TN
Spouse: Alfred Annison SWAFFORD [maternal gg-grandparents]

Benjamin J. AHL, born 1817, in VA
Spouse: Polly(?)
NOTES:Oct 1850 McMinn Cty., [eastern] TN. census,

Lucy Vail AHL, born 1824 in McMinn Cty., Tennessee, died 1908
Spouse: James Smith LINER, Jr., born in McMinn Cty., Tennessee, married 1843

Francis [Frannie] B. AHL, born 1829-30 in TN, died 1903

Mary [Polly] Sweeny AHL, born 1831-32 in TN, died 1911
Spouse: Andrew Jackson STANDEFFER, married 1850

Notes on Lucy SWEENY: Lucy is buried in Methodist and Baptist Church Cemetary in Calhoun, McMinn Cty., Tennessee. Her tombstone is inscribed; "Lucy Sweeny wife of Benjamin Ahl...Professor of God. A loving Mother.

Historical Records for the SWEENY's