Aye me laddies, tis I the rogue Scotsman and this is my story of my years on the high seas. Know ye that I have sailed before the mast with a fair crew of rogue warriors. It is a bit of this that I bring before you.


By the order of his royal Majesty King Neptune ruler of the Deep, it has been so ordered and posted as it is written in the conscript. The order as it reads here in:

"Here ye - Here ye, know ye all scum-slugs, bottom crawlers and ner-do-wells that the under signed having been brought before his royal Majesty King Neptune ruler of the Deep. And, the undersigned having twice crossed the International Dateline and in addition to having twice crossed the Equator while under sail and having spent six years before the mast. officially is therefore inducted,assigned and ordained into the Sacred and Ancient Order of Shellbacks by the order of his royal Majesty King Neptune.

To all Mariners, wherever ye may be..... Be it known that having been bound West to the ancient and mysterious Orient appeared twice within the Royal Domain of the Golden Dragon.

Be it remembered that having twice appeared within the Royal Domain of Golden Dragons, and on this date, the 23 day of the 8th month of the Year, 19 hundred and 63, and I as a member of the Royal Staff and the Official Scribe for the Order, I do set pen to this enscription and do pass and set forth in the name of his royal Majesty, the title of

Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Dragons

. And do recognize him as an ancient mariner and member of the American Navy, and as an offical crew member of the last of the American wooden deck battleships. Has been, consigned therfore; as one of the last living members of the Ancient and Sacred Order of the Golden Dragons.

The Order of the Golden Dragons an ancient oriental maritime order, based upon ones experience before the mast. Most of the old order were pirates or scourges of the high seas. To be welcomed into the order one must have completed a certain order of events. Those being to have; sailed before the mast as a crew member of a wooden deck ship, sail at least three of the seven seas, cross the equator under sail, cross the International Dateline, and most important of all, sail the South China Seas.

Having sailed the; Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, North China Sea, Straits of Tiawan, South China Sea, Indian Ocean and the Sea of Borneo, I accept and have twice been made a member of the Ancient Order of the Golden Dragons.

Aye mates and long shall she sail the bonny main